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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Frequently Asked Question Answers:
1) What is the vacuum cleaner or loud electric motor sound I hear when I first crank the engine?

If it is the SAIS pump, the sound will typically only last 20-30 seconds and then stop. If you are hearing this, you may not have any trouble codes
yet but the problem will usually get progressively worse fairly quickly and lead to limp mode or an electrically damaged pump motor. If you are hearing
this noise it is best to bypass the system as soon as possible to prevent the system from failing and causing a more expensive repair than just the bypass kit alone.

2) Can the AIP components be removed after installing a bypass kit?
Not with the current bypass kits. Disconnecting any of the electrical components with or without the bypass kit will cause of the system will cause trouble codes and set the CEL.
This is also why the current kits cannot take care of circuit related codes or an electrically damaged pump motor (P0418, P0419).

3) Will the bypass kit work with aftermarket headers?
The bypass kits are compatible with most aftermarket headers if they have the air injection tube like the factory manifold. You can install less expensive aftermarket headers,
the ones with no air tubes, if you install a bypass kit but you may still need a custom block off plate/spacer for the manifold to block off the actual air injection ports of the
cylinder head%u2019s themselves.

4) What is %u201Climp mode%u201D?
Limp mode is not exclusive to a failing/failed Secondary Air Injection System and can be caused by a failure or malfunction in any of the vehicle%u2019s control systems.
For the SAIS limp mode is most often caused by the valve stuck open codes P1441, P1444, P2440 or P2442. The results of limp mode are usually a considerable loss in
performance, power and efficiency.
When a vehicle enters limp mode a few things typically happen. A) The CEL will be illuminated B) Safety systems like Traction Control and Vehicle Stability Control are disabled (their lights on). C) Vehicle performance is limited to about 50% throttle response and tuning parameters like timing and fuel trims are set to an open loop baseline control. These are the setting where the computer knows the engine will run but it will not be efficient without using feedback from engine sensors to tune the engine. 5) Why can I reset the codes after I let the engine warm up be fine the rest of the day but they come back on the next morning? This is pretty typical of a failing air injection pump. Most of the failures we see are caused by deterioration of the pump vanes of the air injection pump. Because these 6) Can Valve Stuck Open or Closed Codes a stuck open valve damage my engine? A failure of the SAIS 7) If the system is bypassed can I pass an emissions test 8) Does bypassing the system have any effect on engine performance 9) Can I install the bypass module without the blockoff plates 10) Where is my AIP(s) located 11) what do p0418 and/or P0419 mean 12) how do you know if you have a stuck open exhaust valve 13) Can the bypass kit work for other make and models than offered