Installation Accesory Pack (IAPH)

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Installation Kit!

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We have combined all the accesories needed (tools not included) for you to install "The Original" SAIS Bypass Kit - Plug and Play.



Split Wire Loom - Black. Protects wires from abrasion and crushing. Holds wires together and gives any wire installation a neat and cleanly installed look.
The 1/4" I.D. is great for routing and securing a bypass kit's starter relay wire! It is also usually the same diamerter used for the factory IAT/MAF sensors.

Convoluted polyethelene tubing is resistance to automotive fluids and chemicals.

Wide operating temperature range from -40F to 200F.

10' of loom should be sufficient for installing the starter relay wire of our bypass modules. Handy for all kinds of projects so if you want to keep extra on hand you may want to order extra for your home or shop.

3M Scotch Super 33+ Vinyl Electrical Tape

Provides superior protection, thicker insulation and increased strength. Conforms and stretches to insulate and protect against abrasion, moisture and many chemicals.

Perfect for wrapping wires, insulating wire connections and securing wire loom.

Stays flexible during low outside temperatures and rated from -.4 F to 221 F (-18C - 105C)

Splice and insulate wires up to 600V.

Resists UV rays, abrasion, moisture, copper, corrosion, alkalies and acids.

Black polyvinyl chloride backing with rubber based adhesive.

Flame retardant, Lead Free.

Other diameters, colors and materials are available by special ordering for quantities over 100'

Other sizes available on request, let us quote your shop needs!

Not Sure What You Need?

Give us a Call TOLL FREE 1-844-307-7671 or Contact Us!