2008 - 2014 Plug & Play SAIS Bypass Kit

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The Secondary Air Injection System Bypass Kit - Plug and Play! 

The SAIS Bypass Kit - Plug and Play prevents operation of the SAIS at cold start thus letting you clear your related trouble codes, the CEL and Limp mode that are associated with a SAIS failure and will not return. This Kit Covers 2008-2012 and select 13', 14' vehicles. This version has an additional harness for conneciton to the Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor and was specifically developed to prevent a P011B, Temperture Correllation Code, that using a different unit on an 08 or newer vehicle will cause.

     All wiring connections except the starter relay connection are accomplished by the Plug and Play harness. Click on images for more details! Detailed Installation Instructions are easy to follow and a printed copy is included with your order. The Plug and Play Harness provides a very clean factory looking installation that allows for the bypass module to still be hidden out of plain sight.

Here are the Common Trouble codes that the Standard Bpyass Kit can illiminate:1441, P1442, P1444, P1445, P2440, P2441, P2442, P2443, P2445, P2447

*This kit will not work with any 2012-2013 Sequoia or 2012-2013 Tundra 5.7L vehicle that have had their ECM updated with a calibration file from Toyota Technical Service Bulletin T-SB-0033-12.  This is a very specific bulletin for P2440/P2442 SAIS Switching Valves Stuck Open Bank 1/2 under freezing ambient conditions. It is assumed that this ECM update will cause the secondary air system to operate at shutdown after the veihcle has reached operating temperature. At this time the bypass modules cannot prevent this. If you have a 2012-2013 Sequoia or Tundra 5.7L and this update has been performed they are supposed to place an Authorized Modification sticker on the underside of the hood somewhere near the driver side door. If the New Calibration ID starts with 30CK or 30CJ and the last 4 digits are 0300, 1300,1301,2300,2301,5300,5301, 6300, 6301, or 9300 the current bypass modules are not compatable with this Calibration File. The lack of an Authorized Modification sticker in this area is not a quarantee that this ECM update has not been performed. Please contact us directly for more information if you have questions about this.

For more information on trouble codes that Can and Cannot be cleared with the bypass kit alone... Please check our Trouble Codes Section and review the installation instructions.

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The Plug In Kit Includes:


More About the SAIS Bypass Kit

        The included No.2 Exhaust Valve Block-off Plates are an integral part of the bypass kit (images may not match the plates you receive for your specific engine). The block off plates are the only way to isolate the exhaust valves and the related pressure sensor(s) from the exhaust. By completely isolating the system from the exhaust the pressure sensors are prevented from causing valve stuck open trouble codes which are the main cause of limp mode when this system fails. Even though a system is bypassed and should never run again, the Exhaust No.2 valves can still leak exhaust and cause future trouble. Installing the block off plates is the only way to prevent future valve trouble and limp mode. Again, it is just best to install and forget about it.

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