Pressure Sensor Replacement (PSRW) - Gen1 and Gen2-3V

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Gen1 and Gen2-3V only. The same direct replacement PSR for the no longer available sensor from Toyota but comes with a wired pigtail enable wiring directly to the ECM. This version is meant specifically for the 4.7L engine vehicles that have only a single pressure sensor bolted to the main air switching valve underneath the intake manifold. On these vehicles the sensor can be replaced by removing the intake and replacing the air switching valve or or by using this pigtail version that wires directly to the ECM with no need to remove the intake manifold. Proffesional installation is recommended for this version. Requires modification of wiring at the ECM.

This version is for all 05-09 4.7L vehicles with only one pressure sensor. Most other vehicles including the 07-09 Tundra 4.7L use the Plug and Play version.

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