Gen-II SAIS Bypass Kit

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The GEN-II SAIS Bypass Kits are simply the best solution for your secondary air injection system problems now and in the future.

A complete plug and play kit, which emulates the system by replacing the air injection control driver(s). It does require good pressure sensors (or our PSO add-on) but no other kit add-ons are needed. The only things that need to remain connected or in good condition on the vehicle, as far as the secondary air system is concerned, is the wiring, pressure sensors, and the ECM. No kit addons needed for codes like P0418, P0419, which the GenI kits would need a Pump Proxy Pack for. In fact, the GenII kit doesn't even care if the pumps are still on the vehicle as they will be disconnected from the air injection control driver during install.

Available for ALL of the Toyota/Lexus 2.7L, 4.0L, 4.6L, 4.7L* and 5.7L (including the 5.7L Flex Fuel) engined vehicles.
The Gen-II kits include the module, vehicle specific harness, pair of exhaust block off plates, stainless mounting hardware, Free Priority Mail Shipping and as always, our excellent customer service and Limited Lifetime Warranty! The Gen-II kits don’t stop the system from running like our current V3 and V5 units, they emulate it. The secondary air injection system monitor will even show as complete/ready even with the entire system removed from the vehicle. You can remove the air pump(s), plumbing, air injection control drivers - and by adding Pressure Sensors Options (PSO), you can also remove the air switching valves. (PSO are also needed if you have damaged pressure sensors) Call us for details or for help placing your order!
Gen-II kits are $400 and PSO options are $200 each.

Like all of our bypass kits, these are sold for off-road or competition use only!

*The 07-09 Tundra 4.7L and 08-09 Sequoia are complete plug and play units because their air switching valves are not located under the intake manifold.

*The 05-06 Tundra 4.7L, 05-07 Sequoia 4.7L, 05-09 4Runner 4.7L and all years of the LX470, GX470, Landcruiser 4.7L are not full plug and play units. Because these vehicles have the original system configuration where all system components are located underneath the intake manifold there is no way to make them completely plug and play without removing the intake manifold. Instead, they require 3 wires to be taped directly into the ECM wiring under the dash. These three connections are easy to make with included tap connectors and the instructions include specifics for each vehicle.