Gen-II SAIS Bypass Kit (3-Valve)

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This is the Gen-II unit for those 4.7L vehicles with the SAIS located completely underneath the intake manifold. The standard version of this kit is not 100% plug and play and requires 3 wire tap connections to be made at the Engine Control Module (ECM) behind the glovebox.  

The GEN-II SAIS Bypass Kits are simply the best solution for your secondary air injection system problems now and in the future.
Emulates the system by replacing the air injection control driver on the driver side fender. The remaining hanress connects to the air switching valve connectors on the top passenger side of the intake manifold. There will then be three wires to route through the firewall and connect into the ECM wiring.

Just like our other GenII kits the only thing that needs to remain in the system is the pressure sensor. It is rare on these 4.7L vehicles to have a damaged pressure sensor but we have replacement options that can be wired into the ECM without removing the intake.

The Gen-II kits include the module, vehicle specific harness, pair of exhaust block off plates, stainless mounting hardware, Free Priority Mail Shipping and as always, our excellent customer service and Limited Lifetime Warranty! The Gen-II kits don’t stop the system from running like our current V3 and V5 units, they emulate it. The secondary air injection system monitor will even show as complete/ready even with the entire system removed from the vehicle.

Like all of our bypass kits these are sold for off-road or competition use only!