Current Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions

Click on the links below to download PDF copies of installation instructions for the Hewitt-Tech bypass modules and other products. Our bypass modules also come with color-printed copies of our instructions for your convenience. Call us TOLL-FREE at 1-844-307-7671 for more details about installing the Hewitt-Tech bypass modules and other products.


Gen-II Installation Instructions:

   5.7L Tundra, Sequoia, LX570
   4.0L Tundra, 4Runner, FJ Cruiser
   4.0L Tacoma
   4.6L GX460*
* These are the current reference instructions for all 4.6L and 4.7L vehicles. The only difference on difference is the other 4.6L and 4.7L vehicles have two air injeciton control drivers and fewer plastic engine covers. The components are all in the same locations.

For the vehicles listed below we do not have our specific installation instructions available but are working on getting access to these vehicles. The Gen-II Unit installatiosn is very simple but we are still trying to gain access to some vehicls below to create our installation instructions
Theto the other engines and very basic and have been installed a lot by customers already referencing our other installation instructions. Please call us for details or a walk through of the Gen-II for the vehicles listed below.

2.7L Tacoma - Coming Soon
4.6L Tundra, Sequoia - Coming Soon
4.7L Tundra, Sequoia 07-09 - Coming Soon

Gen-II PSO Installation Instructions:

Pressure Sensor Option Installation Instructions

V3x & V5x Bypass Module Installation Instructions:

  Vehicle Year 2005-2007
    V36H Plug and Play Installation Instructions
    V36W Wired Installation Instructions

  Vehicle Year 2008-2014
    V54H 5.7L Installation Instructions
    V54H 4.7H Installation Instructions
    V54H 4.6L Installation Instructions
    V54H 4.0L Installation Instructions
    V54H 2.7L Installation Instructions

Block Off Plate Installation Instructions By Engine:

   Plate Installation Instructions 5.7L
   Plate Installation Instructions 4.7L
   Plate Installation Instructions 4.6L
   Plate Installation Instructions 4.0L
   Plate Installation Instructions 2.7L

SAIS Pump Proxy Pack Installation Instructions:

   SAIS Pump Replacement Pack Installation Instructions

Pressure Sensor Replacement Harness (Plug and Play)Installation Instructions:

   Pressure Sensor Replacement Harness Installation Instructions  Generic, No Pictures
   Pressure Sensor Replacement Harness Installation Instructions 
   Pressure Sensor Replacement Harness - Double Installation Instructions  Generic, No Pictures

Pressure Sensor Replacement Installation(Wired Applications) Instructions:

   Tundra   4.7L 05-06
   Sequoia 4.7L 05-06
   LX470    4.7L 05-07
   GX470    4.7L 05-09
   Land Cruiser    4.7L 05-07

Wire Diagrams for Current V36W by vehicle/engine/year:

Tundra 4.0L 2007   .pdf
  4.7L 2005-2006 .pdf
    2007   .pdf
  5.7L 2007   .pdf
Sequoia 4.7L 2005-2007 .pdf
  5.7L 2007   .pdf
4 Runner 4.7L 2005-2007 .pdf
Tacoma 2.7L 2005-2007 .pdf
LX470/LX570 4.7L 2006-2007 .pdf
GX460/GX470 4.7L 2005-2007 .pdf
Land Cruiser 4.7L 2006-2007 .pdf

Click HERE for older installation instructions (reference only).