Current Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions

Click on the links below to download PDF copies of installation instructions for the Hewitt-Tech bypass modules and other products. Our bypass modules also come with color-printed copies of our instructions for your convenience. Call us TOLL-FREE at 1-844-307-7671 for more details about installing the Hewitt-Tech bypass modules and other products.


Gen-II Installation Instructions:

   5.7L Tundra, Sequoia, LX570.pdf
   4.0L Tundra, 4Runner, FJ Cruiser.pdf
   4.0L Tacoma.pdf
   4.6L GX460.pdf - Reference for all 4.6L

Pressure Sensor Option Installation Instructions.pdf

The Gen-II Unit installation is very simple but we are still putting some installation instructions together.
Please call us for details or a walk through of the Gen-II for the vehicles listed below.

2.7L Tacoma - Coming Soon
4.6L Tundra, Sequoia.pdf - Coming Soon
4.7L Tundra, Sequoia 07-09.pdf - Coming Soon

V3x & V5x Bypass Module Installation Instructions:

  Vehicle Year 2005-2007
V36H Plug and Play Installation Instructions.pdf
    V36W Wired Installation Instructions.pdf

  Vehicle Year 2008-2014
    V54H 5.7L Installation Instructions.pdf
    V54H 4.7H Installation Instructions.pdf
    V54H 4.6L Installation Instructions.pdf
    V54H 4.0L Installation Instructions.pdf
    V54H 2.7L Installation Instructions.pdf

Block Off Plate Installation Instructions By Engine:

   Plate Installation Instructions 5.7L.pdf
   Plate Installation Instructions 4.7L.pdf
   Plate Installation Instructions 4.6L.pdf
   Plate Installation Instructions 4.0L.pdf
   Plate Installation Instructions 2.7L.pdf

SAIS Pump Proxy Pack Installation Instructions:

   SAIS Pump Replacement Pack Installation Instructions.pdf

Pressure Sensor Replacement Harness (Plug and Play)Installation Instructions:

   Pressure Sensor Replacement Harness Installation Instructions.pdf  Generic, No Pictures
   Pressure Sensor Replacement Harness Installation Instructions.pdf 
   Pressure Sensor Replacement Harness - Double Installation Instructions.pdf  Generic, No Pictures

Pressure Sensor Replacement Installation(Wired Applications) Instructions:

   Tundra   4.7L 05-06.pdf
   Sequoia 4.7L 05-06.pdf
   LX470    4.7L 05-07.pdf
   GX470    4.7L 05-09.pdf
   Land Cruiser    4.7L 05-07.pdf

Wire Diagrams for Current V36W by vehicle/engine/year:

Tundra 4.0L 2007   .pdf
  4.7L 2005-2006 .pdf
    2007   .pdf
  5.7L 2007   .pdf
Sequoia 4.7L 2005-2007 .pdf
  5.7L 2007   .pdf
4 Runner 4.7L 2005-2007 .pdf
Tacoma 2.7L 2005-2007 .pdf
LX470/LX570 4.7L 2006-2007 .pdf
GX460/GX470 4.7L 2005-2007 .pdf
Land Cruiser 4.7L 2006-2007 .pdf

Click HERE for older installation instructions (reference only).