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Gen1 only. A SAIS Bypass Kit must be installed to use a Pump Proxy Pack.

SAIS Pump Proxy Pack

The SAIS Pump Proxy Pack is an Add-On to our popular SAIS Bypass Kits. Normally our SAIS Bypass Kits can’t clear a P0418 or P0419 but now they can with the additional installation of a Pump Proxy Pack. The other option for clearing a P0418/P0419 code after installing a SAIS Bypass kit is to replace the SAIS Air Injection Pump with a new and expensive unit. That is a particularly expensive repair if you have to pay for the labor on a 4.7L engine where the Air Injection Pump is located under the intake manifold. Installing a Pump Proxy pack is much less expensive that having to replace an air injection pump and you can just leave the old faulty unit in place.

These packs install at the SAIS Air Pump Driver that is located on the driver's side inner fender well. There is no need to remove or replace the bad air injection pump when installing one of these packs. Detailed and illustrated Installation Instructions are easy to follow and include all details for each component of the Bypass Kit.

Pump Proxy packs will work on all of the same vehicles as the SAIS Bypass Kits.

Here are the Common Trouble codes that the Pump Proxy Pack along with the Standard Bypass Kit can illiminate:1441, P1442, P1444, P1445, P2440, P2441, P2442, P2443, P2445*, P2447, P0418 and/or P0419. One SAIS Pump Proxy Pack is needed for each code i.e. if you have a P0418 and a P0419 you would need to install one pack on each Air Pump Driver.

The engines with smaller displacement than the 4.7L have only one air pump that can cause a P0418. Depending on year, the 4.7L engine can have one or two air pumps. A P0419 is only possible if you have a second air injection pump. The 5.7L engines all have 2 air injection pumps. For those vehicles with 2 air injection pumps, both air pump drivers will be located back to back on the inner driver’s fender. The Bank 1 Air Pump Driver (P0418) is located towards the rear of the vehicle and the Bank 2 Air Pump Driver (P0419) is located towards the front of the vehicle.

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Harry Rogers on 02/20/2016 08:08am
Thank you Hewitt Technologies, what a great fix. The SAIS Pump Replacement Pack fixed my P0418 code. Saved my a couple thousand dollars.

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