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The Pressure Sensor Jumpers are a great cost saving addon to our bypass kits that will take care of problems caused a damaged pressure sensor. Comes in one of two lengths depending on your vehicle's Air Switching valve configuration, side by side or one on the top of each side of the engine. These harnesses will disconenct the damaged pressure sensor in one air switchigng valve and route the other "good" sensor's signal to the computer in place of the damaged sensor's signal.

Comes in the correct length for you vehicle. A Short version (PSJ-S) if your valves are side by side and a long version (PSJ-L) if your valves are on opposite sides of the engine. We have these figured out by vehicle, just select the correct vehicle, model year and engine and we will know which one to send.

On the 2007 and newer vehicles that have two air switching valves, it is fairly common for one of the air injection pressure sensors which are built into the air switching valves to become damaged from exposure to hot exhaust gasses. Damage to one of these sensors most often happens when the vehicle is operated fro an extened period of time with an air switching valve that is physically stuck open or leaking hot exhaust gases that reaches the pressure sensors. It is more common for a damage pressure sensor to read the incorrect pressure or always indicate a valve stuck open code. When damaged severely enough they will casue Pressure Sensor Circuit Codes which a more clear indicator of the damage. When the sensors have only been slightly damaged this is usually the most common cause of a P016B SAIS/Evap Pressure Sensor Correllation code as the result of a test that compares the two air injection system pressure sensors and the evap pressure sensor against each other.

Typically to fix a damaged pressure sensor you would have to replace one of the expensive air switching valves even after installing the bypass kit. This is still much less expensive than replacing the whole system but now you can just add a Pressure Sensor Harness to our bypass kit!

There must be at least one good pressure sensor out of two which is why this kit is only applicable to some 2007-2010 vehicles and all of the 2010 and newer except the 2.7L engine. A bypass kit must be installed to use this harness and all the wiring for the pressure sensors must be intact. If you are getting a pressure sensor circuit code it is important to verify the wiring to the ECM is good first. Sometimes rodents like to chew on wires which the bypass kit nor this Pressure Sensor Harness can fix.

Typical Pressure Sensor Codes the Harness can take care of when added to a bypass kit. The valve stuck open codes which can also be the result of a damaged air pressure sensor are not listed here.

Detailed and illustrated Installation Instructions are easy to follow and include all details for each component of the Bypass Kit.

P2431 - Air Flow / Pressure Sensor Circuit Range / Performance Bank1

P2432 - Air Flow / Pressure Sensor Circuit Low Bank 1

P2433 - Air Flow / Pressure Sensor Circuit High Bank 1

P2436 - Air Flow / Pressure Sensor Circuit Range / Performance Bank 2

P2437 - Air Flow / Pressure Sensor Circuit Low Bank 2

P2438 - Air Flow / Pressure Sensor Circuit High Bank 2

P106B - Pressure Sensor Correlation / Evap. Pressure Sensor

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