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The GEN-II SAIS Bypass Kits are simply the best solution for your secondary air injection system problems now and in the future.
Completely eliminates the need for for kit addons for trouble codesproblems available. A complete plug and play kit emulates the system by replacing the air injection control driver(s). Does require good pressure sensors or PSO but no other kit add-ons are needed.

Available now for:
4.0L, 4.6L and 5.7L(including Flex Fuel) Toyota/Lexus vehicles of all years.
The Gen-II kits include the module, vehicle specific harness, pair of exhaust block off plates, stainless mounting hardware, Free Priority Mail Shipping and as always, our excellent customer service and Limited Lifetime Warranty! The Gen-II kits don’t stop the system from running like our current V3 and V5 units, they emulate it. The secondary air injection system monitor will even show as complete/ready even with the entire system removed from the vehicle. You can remove the air pump(s), pluming, air injection control drivers and by adding Pressure Sensors Options (PSO) you can also remove the air switching valves. (PSO are also needed if you have damaged pressure sensors) Call us for details and to place your order before they are available for sale to the public on our website!
Gen-II kits are $450 and PSO options are $145 each.

Like all of our bypass kits these are sold for off-road or competition use only!

Frank Vasquez on 03/28/2020 03:57pm
I don't normally write reviews unless the product or the service is really awesome or really bad. This product is 100% legit and will save you thousands. My dash board was lit up like a Christmas tree and after installing this I have no lights on and truck runs great! Not only is the product great, but so is their service. I destroyed the connector on the back of the motor on the passenger side. I couldn't get it disconnected with my fat fingers, so I tried using needle nose pliers and destroyed the connector and some wires. I called them to see if they could help me with obtaining a new connector. I forget who I spoke to, but it was a female and she was so helpful. She knew exactly what I was talking about, but asked for a few pics just to be sure. I sent the pics and we made the transaction happen. She even sent a hand written wiring diagram, so I could connect the wires correctly. I can't say enough good things about their product and service. Thank you!
J Thompson on 03/23/2020 09:14pm
I give my mechanical abilities a rating of 3 or 4, I can manage simple repairs but usually send it into the shop for more complicated repairs. However, when the repair shop said it was going to cost $2500 to $3000 to replace the air injection pump I decided to give this option a chance. I am happy to announce I was able to get the kit installed and have driven the truck a couple of hundred miles without any issues. By far the hardest part of the install was reaching behind the engine to disconnect the original wires from the air pump. I almost gave up thinking I was tearing the wires. I emailed the support team for help and they responded quickly and gave some additional helpful hints which was all I needed to complete the job. I would highly recommend this product.
Thomas Colby on 03/02/2020 08:55am
I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the product you all have available for the common problem occurring with Toyota SAIS. It's not often that you call to obtain information on a product and you find someone so knowledgeable in tech support regarding the issue at hand. Install was smooth and straightforward with detailed instructions and my CEL/limp mode issue is a thing of the past now. When given the chance, I will surely let others know of your solution that's a fraction of the cost of a pump/valve replacement. Thanks again! -Colby T
Brad on 02/18/2020 10:25pm
...The kit fixed my truck immediately and no codes ever popped back up. My truck also seems to idle better now. Would definitely recommend.
Vitus on 02/16/2020 04:21pm
Thought it was too good to be true. But it ends up to be true. It works!
Gary on 02/10/2020 11:45am
Yes, I was skeptical up until i said a prayer, then turned the key. Now I'm elated!!! Researched til I was sick and took a chance on the company and Gen II product. Professional and honest folks and an ingenious solution to a major problem. I just installed yesterday and got in no hurry, about an hours work on my 2008 tundra with 4.7l. Blocking plates were the most aggravating, but done with a pivothead 1/4 " ratchet. Instructions are a work in progress but enough info to digest for a successful install. Would recommend vacant plug covers when available, and specific instructions for individual models. SOLVED MY P2444. Thankyou guys!!!
Mark Kolvites on 10/19/2019 08:43pm
Excellent product - worked great for my %u201813 Tundra.
I also added the Pressure Sensor Option - that was needed in my case and worked great. Well made product - great customer service to help work through any questions. It%u2019s not cheap, but has been worth every penny since repairing my truck almost 2 months ago.
Steve Medford on 09/16/2019 12:16am
Like some of the others, I bought my Gen II prior to installation instructions, however, Becky walked me through every step and question I had. I live in TX, did the install and made a 2wk long hunting trip in mountains of Colorado. The Gen II worked flawlessly at all altitudes and in all early morning temperatures, CODE FREE! And honestly, my 2012, 5.7L Tundra, seems to be a little peppier, maybe a little quicker, haven't check it yet, but maybe a little better fuel mileage. VERY pleased customer here! Definitely 5 stars! Thank you Becky and the gang!
Chad on 09/14/2019 03:00pm
I was looking at facing thousands of dollars in repair costs and was not about to do that. I did some research and found this product online and after looking at multiple videos and reviews I decided to check it out. I'm very glad I did it's a great product and save me a lot of time and money. I highly recommend this bypass as opposed to paying through the nose at the dealership. Thanks again guys for all the help.
Jerry Delong on 09/12/2019 04:26pm
I installed one of the gen 2 kits before there were even instructions . I installed the plates as well which is a bit tricky . The system did work and is still working fine. I recommend some dummy plug covers for open connectors but over all it's a good solution for a big problem .
Clark on 09/08/2019 02:16pm
The Gen II SAIS by-pass has been installed for about a month now. The 4runner is running without throwing a code or going into that darned limp mode. I luv it!!!
Installation took less than 30 minutes, and if you ever had to install a 2nd one, likely install in under 5 minutes.
My 4runner is a "project car" (and daily driver); I bought it as a salvage car, having gone (entirely?) underwater during TX Hurricane Harvey. Over 10,000 miles on the car since placed back in service early last year. The SAIS, one of a number of minor electrical issues, now being sorted out.

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