Bypass Kits - Wired

These wired kit must be carefully wired directly into the MAF sensor wiring. If you feel you cannot perform a professional grade installation, please consider our Plug and Play kit instead. We do not cover improper installation by our limited lifetime warranty and no returns are accepted once installation has been attempted.

The ""Original"" Secondary Air Injection System Bypass Kits-Wired offer a cost effective solution for the failure prone Secondary Air Injection / Induction Systems found on certain Toyota truck and SUVs. There are many different failures that can occur with this system and these bypass kits are able to prevent the system from operating and triggering many of the trouble codes that will set the CEL or put the vehicle into ""Limp Mode"". See our Codes Section for a list of codes that the bypass kits can take care of an help you avoid a $2000-$4000 repair bill:

When properly installed this wired in module will bypass the operation of a faulty secondary air system permanantly isolate the system from the exhaust. The bypass module prevents the system from operating and the block off plates prevent limp mode and codes associated with stuck valves. This module will also allow the installation of off-road or performance exhaust systems that do not have the necessary air injection tubes on the manifold or header to connect to the system. More information about the kits can be found in the item page by clicking on a kit below.

Please also check out our Codes Section and Installation Instructions pages for more information or use the Contact Us page to ask any questions you may have before ordering.

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2005 - 2007 Wired SAIS Bypass Kit
General SKU: V36W
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Wired SAIS Bypass Kit. Wires directly into MAF sensor wiring. Recommended for Professional Installation Only! Installation error not covered under warranty.

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