Gen-I SAIS Bypass Kits - w/ Pump Proxy Packs

The Hewitt-Tech SAIS Pump Proxy Pack (PPP) is an Add-On to our popular SAIS Bypass Kits. Installing a Pump Proxy pack is a much less expensive repair than replacing a bad air pump and you can just leave the old faulty unit in place with no need to remove the intake manifold or get into the front fender. The pump proxy pack is only a proxy for the pump which will let the air injection driver/ECM think a good pump is connected which will let you clear a P0418/P0419 code that the bypass kit alone cannot. You must have a SAIS Bypass Kit Installed to use the PPP.  A PPP can be added to the vehicle at the same time as long as a bypass kit is already installed.

Codes the kits can take care of with the addition one or two Pump Proxy Packs

P0418 - Relay 'A' Circuit Malfunction

P0419 - Relay 'B' Circuit Malfunction

Usually caused by an open circuit/damaged air pump motor. One pack is needed for each code.

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2008 - 2014 Plug & Play Bypass Kit w/ PPP
Plug and Play Combo Kit includes V54H Bypass Kit and Pump Proxy Pack. This combo covers 2008-2012 and select 13',14' vehicles. Click on the images for more details!
$494.00 $375.00

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2005 - 2007 Wired Bypass Kit w/ PPP
The Hewitt-Tech Wired Combo Kit includes a SAIS Bypass Module, a SAIS Pump Proxy Pack and installation accessories for a professional installation. Click on images for more details!
$313.00 $285.00

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