Kit Addons for Gen-I Kits

Our "Kit Addons" are used with one of our SAIS Bypass kits. Adding one of these products to the installation of the SAIS Bypass Kit will let the bypass kit take care of additional trouble codes. The types of codes the "Kit Addons" can take care of are generally those electrical fault type codes from shorted or open circuited components.
Even though the SAIS Bypass Kits prevent the SAIS from operating the computer or Air Injection Driver expect certain components to still be connected and within a certain spec. These kits addons will let you get around those fault type codes without also having to actually replace an expensive air switching valve or air pump motor.

A bypass kit MUST be installed to use any of these kit Addons. The factory wiring should be checked first to make sure it is not the source of the circuit fault.
Any cut, damaged or broken wires or connectors must be repaired before using most kit addons. Some kit addons may require proffesional installation or skill at safely identifying and altering factory wiring.

Please also check out our Codes Section for a full list of codes with descriptions and which kit addons apply to each code.

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Pump Proxy Pack (PPP)
General SKU: PPP
1 Review(s)
An alternative to replacing the SAIS Air Pump that is causing a P0418 or P0419. This is just a proxy for the bad pump must have bypass kit installed to use. Big labor/money saver! Must Be Installed With A Bypass Kit!

Pressure Sensor Replacement Harness (PSRH)
General SKU: PSRH
2 Review(s)
Kit add on that will take the place of a damaged pressure sensor in a 5 pin (solenoid type) air switching valve without having to replace the entire valve to get around the pressure sensor codes or a damaged sensor.

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Pressure Sensor Jumper (PSJ) - Gen1 Only
General SKU: PSJ
The Pressure Sensor Jumper when added to a SAIS Bypass Kit will let you also take care of a damaged Air Pressure Sensor without the need to replace an expensive air switching valve! Click product for more details and compatibility.

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Pressure Sensor Harness-Double (PSHD)
General SKU: PSHD
The Pressure Sensor Harness when added to a SAIS Bypass Kit will let you take care of two damaged Air Pressure Sensors without the need to replace an expensive air switching valves! Click product for more details.

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Valve Solenoid Pack (VSP)
General SKU: VSP
This addon will take care of a P0412 or P0415 without the need to replace an expensive air switching valve. This a plug and play product.

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Block Off Plates (BOP)
General SKU: BOP
The Air Switching Valve Block-off Plates are an integral part of the bypass kit. The plates are made from 1/8" 316 Stainless Steel designed for lifetime use.

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