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Gen II - Our Gen II kits emulate the operation of the SAIS and ECM will read as Ready/Completed. It also eliminates all trouble codes dealing with the SAIS with the exception of the pressure sensor. Installs at the Air Injection Driver and Air Switching Valves. This is our recommended solution because it is the most comprehensive kit we offer.

Gen I - Our Gen I kits will prevent the SAIS from operating on a cold start and ECM will read as Not Ready/Incomplete. With this unit, all of the SAIS parts/components will need to remain in place for the computer to see continuity to them. Installs at Mass Air Flow sensor and Engine Coolant Temperature sensor. Also, the starter relay wire will need to be run from the bypass module to a terminal inside the fuse box.

Recommended Product
SAIS Bypass KitsGen IGen II
*assumes factory wiring, pressure sensor, and ECM are in good working order
Price $190 - $230 $400
Compatibility 2005 - 2014 2005 - Current
Block-Off Plates Included
Plug & Play
Mechanical Codes Addressed:
Switching Valve: 1441, 1442, 1444, 1445, 2440, 2441, 2442, 2443
Air Pump: 2445, 2447
Electrical Codes Addressed:
Switching Valve: 0412, 0415
Air Pump: 0418, 0419
Kit Add-on(s) Required
Compatible w/ FlexFuel
Compatible w/ Current ECM Flash
Readiness Monitor
Damaged Pressure Sensor Codes: 2431, 2432, 2433, 2436, 2437, 2438 Kit Add-on(s) Required Kit Add-on(s) Required
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2005 - 2007 Plug & Play SAIS Bypass Kit
General SKU: V36H
62 Review(s)
The Hewitt-Tech SAIS Bypass Kit Plug and Play prevents operation of the SAIS at cold start thus letting you clear your related trouble codes, the CEL and Limp mode and installation ma

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2008 - 2014 Plug & Play SAIS Bypass Kit
General SKU: V54H
40 Review(s)
Plug and Play Bypass Kit Covers 2008-2012 and select 13 and 14 models vehicles. Can prevent many of the trouble codes caused by a mechanical failure of the SAIS System.

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Gen-II SAIS Bypass Kit
General SKU: GenII
43 Review(s)
The best and most comprehensive solution available for all vehicles! Emulates the entire system by replacing the air injection control driver(s). Check the 3V version if you don't see your vehicle listed

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2005 - 2007 Wired SAIS Bypass Kit
General SKU: V36W
15 Review(s)
Wired SAIS Bypass Kit. Wires directly into MAF sensor wiring. Recommended for Professional Installation Only! Installation error not covered under warranty.

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Gen-II SAIS Bypass Kit (3-Valve)
General SKU: GenII-3V
The Gen-II unit for those 4.7L vehicles with the SAIS located completely under the intake manifold. Not 100% plug and play but still the best solution available. Click product for more info.

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Pressure Sensor Option (PSO) - Gen-II only, not Gen-II-3V or Gen1
General SKU: PSO
Gen-II only, not Gen-II-3V or Gen1. Pressure Sensor Option to be used in place of air switching valves or damaged pressure sensors. These are used only for the Gen-II units and are not compatible with the Gen-II 3V
$225.00 $195.00

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