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Kit addons are used with out bypass kits to address problems that cannot be taken care of by the bypass kits alone. When using a Gen-I kit the factory air injection control driver is still actively monitoring many of the secondary air injection circuits. Becuase of this the Gen-I kits require kit addons to take care of may of the electrical fault type codes you get from bad air pump motors or bad solenoid valve circuits.

The Gen-II kit eleminates the need for almost all of these kit addons because it replaces the factory air injection control driver. It direcly interfaces to the engine computer (ECM) and no longer reports to the ECM there is a problem in those circuits. The only kit addon for the Gen-II kit is the Pressure Sensor Replacement Option (PSO).

Regardless of the bypass kit installed the ECM still requires functioning pressure sensor signals so there are a few options. Contact us with any application questions.

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Air Switching Valve Proxy (ASVPH)
General SKU: ASVPH
Made to Order Combination of our Valve Replacement Pack and Pressure Sensor Replacement.

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Pressure Sensor Replacement (PSR)
General SKU: PSR
The PSR is a direct replacement for the Toyota factory pressure sensors on the 2.7L 2TR-FE and certain 4.7L 2UZ-FE vehicles that is no longer available.
$210.00 $185.00

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