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Gen II - Our Gen II kits emulate the operation of the SAIS and ECM will read as Ready/Completed. It also eliminates all trouble codes dealing with the SAIS with the exception of the pressure sensor. Installs at the Air Injection Driver and Air Switching Valves. This is our recommended solution because it is the most comprehensive kit we offer.

Gen I - Our Gen I kits will prevent the SAIS from operating on a cold start and ECM will read as Not Ready/Incomplete. With this unit, all of the SAIS parts/components will need to remain in place for the computer to see continuity to them. Installs at Mass Air Flow sensor and Engine Coolant Temperature sensor. Also, the starter relay wire will need to be run from the bypass module to a terminal inside the fuse box.

Gen II Gen I
  • Covers both mechanical and Electrical SAIS error codes
  • Compatible with Toyota's current ECM Computer flash
  • Compatible with Flex Fuel Modes
  • Clears permanent codes
  • Covers only mechanical SAIS error codes*

*Kit Addons needed for each the following electrical codes: Codes P0418 & P0419 Each Require A Pump Proxy Pack, Codes P0412 & P0415 Each Require Valve Solenoid Pack

*When placing your order online be sure to select your Model/Year/Engine Size on the product page to ensure you receive correct kit

Please note, if there is any damage to the pressure sensors, Kit Addons would be needed for both Gen I and Gen II Kits. Contact us if you have any additional questions (844) 307-7671 or

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Pump Proxy Pack (PPP)
1 Review(s)
An alternative to replacing the SAIS Air Pump that is causing a P0418 or P0419. This is just a proxy for the bad pump must have bypass kit installed to use. Big labor/money saver! Must Be Installed With A Bypass Kit!

Split Wire Loom (SWL)
Split Wire Loom - Black. Protects wires from abrasion and crushing. Holds wires together and gives any wire installation a neat and cleanly installed look. The 1/4" loom is great for routing and securing a bypass kit's starter relay wire.
$5.00 $4.50

Inside Diameter:
Pressure Sensor Replacement Harness (PSRH)
2 Review(s)
Kit add on that will take the place of a damaged pressure sensor in a 5 pin (solenoid type) air switching valve without having to replace the entire valve to get around the pressure sensor codes or a damaged sensor.

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2008 - 2014 Plug & Play Bypass Kit w/ PPP
Plug and Play Combo Kit includes V54H Bypass Kit and Pump Proxy Pack. This combo covers 2008-2012 and select 13',14' vehicles. Click on the images for more details!
$494.00 $375.00

Select Your Vehicle, Year, Engine:
Pressure Sensor Harness-Double (PSHD)
The Pressure Sensor Harness when added to a SAIS Bypass Kit will let you take care of two damaged Air Pressure Sensors without the need to replace an expensive air switching valves! Click product for more details.

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Valve Solenoid Pack (VSP)
This addon will take care of a P0412 or P0415 without the need to replace an expensive air switching valve. This a plug and play product.

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