Gen 1

The Hewitt Tech (HT) Gen 1 Secondary Air Injection System Bypass Kit prevents operation at cold soak start. It is our basic bypass kit that enables you to clear the Check Engine Light, Limp Mode and error codes related to mechanical SAIS faults. Gen 1 Bypass Kits are NOT compatible with Flex Fuel models or vehicles with certain ECM reflashes.

There are two variations of the Gen 1 Bypass Kits. Please use Search By Vehicle function to find which variation is compatible with your Truck or SUV.

Gen 1 (V36H)   2005 – 2007

Compatibility: Most Toyota and Lexus vehicles model years ’05 – ’07

The Gen 1 (V36H) is a product of Hewitt Technologies Original SAIS Bypass Kit. This design gave the first viable alternative to expensive repairs for Toyota/Lexus owners to address the failure prone SAIS. The Gen 1 (V36H) is tried and true being installed on thousands of vehicles since 2014. Without a doubt one of our most popular solution because its ease of installation and very competitive price point.

The Gen 1 V36 also comes in a wired version (V36W) for those who are comfortable with soldering and tapping into the factory harness.

Gen 1 (V54H)  2008 – 2013

Compatibility: Most Toyota and Lexus vehicles model years ’08 – ’12 and select ’13 vehicles

What makes the Gen 1 (V54) Bypass Kit different than the Gen 1 (V36) Bypass Kit? In 2008 there was an update made to the computer programming that affected SAIS operations. With this change a new module had to be engineered requiring two harnesses; installing at both the Air Intake Temperature (IAT) sensor and the Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT) sensor. Our competitors have not taken this update into consideration with their products. That said, if you were to install a competitor’s kit or Gen 1 (V36) on a model year ’08 or newer, you would get the error code P011B – Temperature Correlation Error.

Click Product Listing for more additional information about typical error codes addressed by the Gen 1 Bypass Kit.


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