Gen 1: Secondary Air Injection System Bypass Kit (Plug & Play)

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The Gen 1 (V54H) is compatible with most 2008 – 2013 models. It is our basic bypass kit that enables you to clear the Check Engine Light, Limp Mode and error codes related to mechanical SAIS faults. Bypass kit will include Plug & Play Harness, Block off Plate(s) and Starter Relay Wire. (NOT COMPATIBLE with Flex Fuel vehicles)

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Hewitt Tech Generation 1 Secondary Air Injection System Bypass Kit (Plug & Play)
The Hewitt Tech (HT) Gen 1 Bypass Kit prevents operation of the SAIS at cold soak start. The Gen 1 is our basic bypass kit that enables you to clear the Check Engine Light, Limp Mode and error codes related to mechanical SAIS faults. The V54H is compatible with most Toyota and Lexus vehicles model years ’08 – ’12 and select ’13 vehicles. However, it is not compatible with Flex Fuel vehicles. Like the V36H, the V54H Plug & Play Gen 1 Bypass kit decreases labor/Install time with connectors compatible with the vehicle’s factory components. All wiring connections, except the starter relay wire, are achieved using the Plug & Play harness. It is made with automotive grade materials and designed to blend in with the factory wiring harness. This allows for a very clean factory looking installation. Easy to follow step by step installation instructions are included with vehicle specific illustrations. We recommend the Gen 1 Plug & Play Bypass kit for both professionals and DIY mechanics because of the ease of install and affordability. However, if the vehicles ECM has been flashed with an updated calibration file the Gen 1 may not be compatible. If the vehicle has been reflashed then you will need to purchase the Gen 2 Bypass Kit. Please see note below of for additional information*.

It is Important to understand that HT SAIS Bypass kits are engineered to work with Factory or OEM SAIS components. That said, aftermarket SAIS components can cause fault codes to be present after installation of the bypass kit. This typically means you will need HT Kit Addon(s) in order to clear SAIS codes that are still present.

The following are Mechanical Trouble codes the Gen 1 Bypass Kit typically addresses**:

P1441 – Switching Valve No.2 Stuck Open Bank 1
P1442 – Switching Valve No.2 Stuck Close Bank 1
P1444 – Switching Valve No.2 Stuck Open Bank 2
P1445 – Switching Valve No.2 Stuck Close Bank 2
P2440 – Switching Valve Stuck Open Bank 1
P2441 – Switching Valve Stuck Closed Bank 1
P2442 – Switching Valve Stuck Open Bank 2
P2443 – Switching Valve Stuck Closed Bank 2
P2445 – Pump Stuck OFF Bank 1***
P2447 – Pump Stuck Off Bank 2

The following are Trouble codes NOT addressed by the Gen 1 Bypass. These will require kit addon(s) in order to clear. However, if you are getting any electrical codes our recommended solution is the Gen 2 Bypass kit.

Electrical Codes

P0412 – SAIS Switching Valve ‘A’ Circuit Malfunction Bank 1
P0415 – SAIS Switching Valve ‘B’ Circuit Malfunction Bank 2
P0418 – SAIS Circuit/Relay ‘A’ Circuit Malfunction Bank 1
P0419 – SAIS Circuit/Relay ‘B’ Circuit Malfunction Bank 2

Electrical SAIS error codes are usually caused by an open or short circuit in one of the Air Switching Valves or Air Pumps. Each code would require a separate addon.

Pressure Sensor Codes

P2431 – Air Flow / Pressure Sensor Circuit Range / Performance Bank1
P2432 – Air Flow / Pressure Sensor Circuit Low Bank 1
P2433 – Air Flow / Pressure Sensor Circuit High Bank 1
P2436 – Air Flow / Pressure Sensor Circuit Range / Performance Bank 2
P2437 – Air Flow / Pressure Sensor Circuit Low Bank 2
P2438 – Air Flow / Pressure Sensor Circuit High Bank 2
P106B – Pressure Sensor Correlation / Evap. Pressure Sensor

These codes typically indicate a damaged Pressure Sensor which is usually caused by an Air Switching Valve being stuck open for an extended period of time. Functioning Pressure Sensors are needed for both Gen 1 and Gen 2 Bypass kits. Compatible Pressure Sensor addon required in order to clear.


  • 1 x SAIS Bypass Module – Plug & Play Connections (IAT & ECT)
  • 2 x Secondary Exhaust Valve Block Off Plates (Engine Specific)
  • 1 x 10′ Piece of Violet 20 AWG TXL – Starter Relay Connection Wire
  • 1 x Printed Copy – Detailed Bypass Module Installation Instructions
  • 1 x Printed Copy – Block Off Plate Instructions (Engine Specific)


  • Bypass Wiring Harness:
    • Straight forward Plug & Play connections compatible with Factory components.
    • High Quality Automotive Engine Compartment Grade TXL Wiring
  • Bypass Module:
    • 4cm x 4cm x 1.4cm Black Duroplastic High Temp Enclosure – UL 94 V-0 Flame Resistance
    • Black Epoxy Potted for environmental and shock protection.
  • Block Off Plates:
    • 16 gauge (1/16 inch) 316 Stainless Steel Block Off Plate Construction for Lifetime Use
    • Water Jet Cut for Precision and Smoother Edges, Guaranteed to Fit Your Engine
  • Start Relay Wire:
    • ONLY available from Hewitt Technologies home of The Original SAIS Bypass Modules.
    • 10′ Piece of Violet 20 AWG TXL wire with female disconnect terminal.
  • 3M™ Automotive Acrylic Double-Sided Tape for mounting
  • Assembled 100% by hand in the USA!
  • Limited Life-Time Warranty


What makes the Gen 1 (V54) Bypass Kit different than the Gen 1 (V36) Bypass Kit? In 2008 there was an update made to the computer programming that affected SAIS operations. With this change a new module had to be engineered with two harnesses; installing at both the Air Intake Temperature (IAT) sensor and the Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT) sensor. Our competitors have not taken this update into consideration with their products. That said, if you were install a competitor’s kit or Gen 1 (V36) on a model year ’08 or newer, you would get the error code P011B – Temperature Correlation Error. Just another reason to go with HT, the original SAIS bypass. Lastly, we have seen an intermittent chocking start issues on some vehicles using the Gen 1 (V54) ****.

The bypass module is activated when the ignition is first switched to “ON” and any time it detects a 4-12V signal on the starter relay wire. The starter relay wire is only available from Hewitt Technologies home of the Original SAIS Bypass Modules! When connected, ensures that the module actively prevents the SAIS from running on EVERY start.

With the starter relay wire connected you can turn the ignition to “ON” for any period of time and the module will be active as soon as you crank the engine. Without the starter relay wire connection, you would need to turn the ignition back “Off” and then crank the vehicle to ensure the module is active or the system could operate and cause trouble codes and the CEL to come back on. Just install the kit with the starter relay wire connection and don’t worry about having to start the engine as soon as you turn the key on! If anyone else drives the vehicle this is a Must!

The included Air Switching Valve Block-off Plates are an integral part of the bypass kit. The Block Off Plates are the only way to isolate the Air Switching Valves and protect the related Pressure Sensor(s) from damage caused by exhaust. Open Air Switching Valves and Pressure Sensors exposed to exhaust are the primary cause of Limp Mode and SAIS failure.

It is important to understand that installing a HT bypass will prevent your Air Pumps and Air Switching Valves from operating. However, it will not close the Air Switching Valves or keep them closed in the future. That said, choosing not to install the Block Off Plates leaves the SAIS vulnerable because exhaust may leak into open valves and damage the Pressure Sensors. As noted above, both Gen 1 & 2 HT bypass kits require kit addons to clear SIAS Pressure Sensor codes. Do yourself a favor, avoid future frustrations and costs; install the Block Off Plates.

If you are having a hard time determining which is the best solution for your vehicle, please do not hesitate to give us a call or send an email. Hewitt is here to help!


*Gen 1 Bypass Kits are not compatible with vehicles that have had the ECM updated with a calibration file from Toyota Technical Service Bulletin T-SB-0033-12. It is assumed that this ECM update will cause the secondary air system to operate at shutdown after the vehicle has reached operating temperature. Only Gen 2 Bypass can prevent SAIS system operating at shutdown. Click Here to Learn more.

**The vehicles fuses, Pressure Senor(s), factory wiring harness and Engine Control Module (ECM) must be in good working condition for bypass kit to operate properly.

***There is a known “Cold Weather Glitch” on some older 4.7L engines. If the vehicle is tripping a P2445 and it is caused by this glitch; the Hewitt Technologies SAIS Bypass Kit will not resolve the issues. Please visit our Error Codes page or give us a call to learn more.

****There is a known intermittent chocking start issue on vehicles that our more sensitive to after installing Gen 1 (V54) Bypass Kit. This is due to the tolerance in the engine temperature sensor. It most commonly occurs when the engine temperature is between 90 – 100 degrees.


It is illegal to remove, dismantle or otherwise cause to be inoperative any pollution control device required by federal, state, or local emissions law. Our bypass kits are sold for off-road, competition or other emissions exempt vehicles only. No other applications are intended or implied. By installing or using this SAIS Bypass Kit the vehicle owner and installer acknowledge and assumes ALL risks associated with its use.

Additional information

Weight .8 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 1.5 in

41 reviews for Gen 1: Secondary Air Injection System Bypass Kit (Plug & Play)

  1. Tom L

    Was having problems with my secondary air injection pump. 2010 tundra with 97000 miles. Took a gamble and installed hewitt kit. Took about 1 1/2 hours.
    Been 5000 miles and no problems. Don’t go to dealer, ho to hewitt technologies. Thank you folks! Awesome product

  2. Richard Pinkerton

    I was out on a job when Toyota’s infamous Secondary Air Injection system began to fail. Like a fool I figured I’d try complying with smog requirements and after $266.00 in new pumps and hoses, realized that I had made a grievous mistake.we don’t have those smog requirements in my state! Good, but the new pumps weren’t working anyway. So I went all in on Hewitt’s bypass system. Best damn move yet! Runs like a champ! Fuel mileage is at 15.9 mpg running the mountains and cities in Oregon. Prarie running at 18.2 mpg.
    Thank you Claire, Steve and all at Hewitt Technology!

  3. Danny

    All I can say is awesome awesome awesome awesome! Bypass kit is installed, truck is running like a scalded dog! And 1st rate customer service! Email responded to on a Sunday when I had a question on the install.Thank you so much for saving me alot of money!I would put this on an older tundra EVEN IF the codes weren’t up!

  4. Brad

    2012 Toyota Tundra. Waited a month before writing a review. I couldn%u2019t be happier about the results. Installation took me about 1.5 hours. The hardest part was installing the blockers on the pump that was harder to reach. Thanks for offering this product and saving us $2600!

  5. Josh Meadows

    I know I wish I woulda purchased it. I was thinking it was covered in the recall on my 2012 tundra but Toyota said the 4.6 wwasnt on the recall just 5.7

  6. Wes Waters

    I installed this device with a bit of skeptisisim but I was pleasantly supprised. The dealership turned me down on replacing my secondary air injection system saying I had too many miles on my truck to be covered by the warantee. So I looked at this as my only option that was financially available. One thing I have noticed is that it does seem to be a little harder to start after some small trips than it was before. Almost like it needs some gas and is not getting it soon enough. It didnt do that prior to the install of this device. As far as error codes go. All gone and the traction controll is back working now. Toyota now sent me a letter saying they would cover the secondary air injection device up to 150k miles but if you got that letter dont count on it. I took this device back off took my truck to the dealership they then told me it doesnt match the exact code needed to get the free replacement and wanted to charge me $50 for evaluating my truck. I wouldnt pay and brought my truck home and put the device back on. Better to just keep this fix and be happy.It works.

  7. Jim Farmer

    Just installed today on a 2008 Tundra 4.7L to resolve a P2443 code.The kit worked wonderfully. The install was simple. The instructions that came with the kit were fantastic.The total install time was about 45 minutes. Nothing about this was difficult.Thank you, Hewitt!

  8. Justin Gerret McConnell-luer

    If your mechanically inclined, it only takes a couple hours. Hardest part is the block off plates.

  9. Andrew

    Toyota would not honor the warranty to replace the SAIS in my 2012 Tacoma 4.0L because it was Rebuilt, and wanted over $2k to fix it. I could have ordered the part and replaced it myself probably, but it still was going to be over $500, and this was going to be the first time fixing something with the engine myself. AND I read reviews that part goes bad every 10k miles or so in Tacomas because of bad design, so I decided to take my chances with the SAIS Bypass kit instead.

  10. Jason

    2008 Tundra 5.7L was in limp mode due to CEL being on code P2445 I found water in air injection pump regulator on bank 1 and had corrosion in the valve assembly so would obviously need new valve and air pump which was around $1200 cost in parts alone. My neighbor is a great mechanic and spoke to several other mechanics and they all recommended this option from Hewitt. It took about an hour to install with no issues. Instructions are great with excellent tips on installing the exhaust blank offs. I’ve only driven it 4x since installing but so far no codes and typically it would come on again after two runs before by clearing the CEL so far it’s doing what’s it’s supposed to do. Thanks for what looks like a great way to go.

  11. Lam T

    I ordered the Plug & Play SAIS Bypass Kit for my 2008 Tundra 5.7 on Thursday and paid for overnight shipping. It was delivered on Friday and it took me about 2 hours to install it. I watched the install videos that Hewitt-tech posted on youtube and it really helped. No more limp mode and all CEL are gone. I took a 200 mile round trip after the install and still no CEL. This product works.

  12. Oisin Mcnulty

    I was stuck in Mexico, 1000 miles below the border when my Tundra went into limp

  13. Tory Burns

    This Kit was a lifesaver, well built, and was seamless. The only problem I’m having now is the block-off plates don’t seem to be sealing. Being a supercharged truck I imagine there is a bit more exhaust going thru there so I may just have to try something else. (Crimp and weld?)

  14. Gabriel Perez

    .Man man man. can I put a 100 star I installed this bypass kit I bought from Hewitt. My 2008 tundra 4.7 liter was running like shit in limp mode with my engine light on and my PSV light flashing. all bullshit shit aside I ordered my bypass kit and I received it in 2 days. I installed the kit today and my truck is running like a champ. No more engine light no more PSV light flashing. Best $350 I’ve spent in a long time. If you have this problem don’t be afraid to buy this kit. I was hesitant at first didn’t think it would work. It does work LOVE IT HEWITT AND THANK YOU BECKY

  15. Jorge

    Installed on 08 Sequoia sr5. Had code p2442 mechanic could not fix so I purchased this kit and it’s been running fine for 18 days. I used method #2 for the block plates and it was much easier.

  16. Smith

    Excellent directions. Appreciate the heads up on using wooden dowels to separate the flanges to put the black plates in. I used a 3/4″ wooden dowel rod and bottle jack to separate flanges on air induction tubes. Placed a dowel on the tube on the back of the engine, as herein bends and “rings” started. Worked like a champ. Pushed on studs first to make sure flanges were broken loose.

  17. Craig

    I have a 2008 Sequoia Limited 5.7L and I too do not usually write reviews but I have to tell everyone about this kit and the personnel at Hewitt-Tech. My Sequoia went into %u201Climp%u201D mode with the typical dash lights (sliding car icon, OFF, and flashing ESC.if I remember right) on at about 139K miles. About 6 months prior to that it happened once but I got around it by disconnecting the battery and resetting the ECU.but of course it came back and resetting the ECU didn%u2019t fix it any longer. I took it to Autozone and got the code P2440 then preceded to my mechanic. He came back with the horrible news that Toyota wanted $1,600 just for the parts and that I missed the Toyota recall/TSB by 8 months%u2026figures. Well after I dug around and found it would cost $3,000 to $4,000 to fix this issue and reading even further that it may happen AGAIN down the road (after the pumps or sensors of the SAIS fail again) I stumbled across Hewitt-Tech and looked into their kit. I was a little hesitant at first, to be honest, but once I talked to the main guy (Paul) I felt comfortable with his kit fix. Well, here I am a month later and still rocking with my Sequoia. Thank you Hewitt-Tech for your technical help, friendly conversations, and for inventing this awesome kit for us Toyota owners. I plan to run my Sequoia another $140K so it%u2019s awesome this module is lifetime warranted. Take care Hewitt-Tech and Thanks Again!

  18. Taylor

    I have a 2012 Tacoma that I bought at the end of 2018 with 100k miles on the clock. Everything was fine for a couple of months then the engine light and trac light came on. I took it to Toyota and they told me it was going to be $1,400 to fix the problem. So I hopped on the forums and saw that everybody was having this issue and that%u2019s when I came across this kit. I called them up and spent probably 20 minutes on the phone with a really nice guy! He answered all of my questions and when I had the money saved up I purchased it. When I received the package I was very impressed with the detailed instructions and photos! It took a little longer than I expected because the ECT sensor is quite hard to get to, but got it done in about 1.5 hours. While I was working on installation I had disconnected the battery and when I reconnected there was no check engine light. My truck has been running great ever since! Thank you Hewitt-tech!

  19. Anish

    I typically do not write reviews but felt like I had to on this. Becky did an outstanding job answering all my questions thoroughly and helping ease my mind that this product was right. This bypass kit saved me roughly 1600 bucks. Thank you Becky and thank you Hewitt Tech for making a product to help fix the issue with our vehicles. I will recommend this product to all of my friends that have this problem!

  20. Michael T Bolin

    This bypass kit was a real lifesaver! The dealership quoted me $2700 to fix the SAIS system on my 2011 Tundra. After researching the problem a bit I found this kit. I ordered it thinking I didn’t have much to lose. Shipping was fast and installation was easy. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Matt Gosting

    I called on a Tuesday, had the kit by Friday, installed it in under 2hrs on Sat and avoided a $2,500 plus bill at the dealer who couldn’t even make me an appointment until the following week. My 2008 4.7 Tundra runs great now. Thank you for a great product, fast shipping and easy to follow instructions.

  22. Samuel R Haley

    Called on Friday and spoke with Paul, the owner, at around noon on Friday (yesterday) afternoon. He was extremely helpful, respectful, and answered all my questions thoroughly. I placed my order with him and my kit arrived today bright and early in the morning. I am a mechanic, and the install took me about 30 mins. The included directions were crystal clear and very easy to follow. It cleared my P2440 code and promised and my truck is out of “limp” mode. Great product. Great Company. Great customer service. Hewitt Tech will come highly recommended by me. I mean the OWNER of the company took time out of his day to give me all the information I needed. There are not many companies out there that take this kind of pride in themselves and their products.

  23. Jason Hamlett

    Installed on my 2012 4.7 and it avoided the $2200 quoted by Toyota. It helps if you follow the instructions and don’t go rogue. It took me about 2 hours to complete all in. Highly recommend!

  24. Tim Cosgrove

    Installed on a 2008 Tundra 5.7L. The wiring harness is of great quality and easy to install. The block-off plates are somewhat difficult the first time around. It found it was way easier to install the plates by loosening the upper air tube bolts. They are not that difficult to get to after locating with a mirror and using a small socket wrench with universal joint adapters and extensions. The driver’s side is easily reached with a long extension from the wheel well. By loosening one and removing one of these bolts, there was plenty of play to slide in the block off plates without prying on the manifold. I was able to pull up on the driver’s side air from above the engine compartment and have an assistant slide the plate in at the wheel well. The driver’s side required pushing on the lower air tube stud (with a loosened bolt attached) with a socket and extension to create the gap for the plate. Both methods were much easier than prying on the manifold. I was never able to get enough of a gap and damaged my manifold the first time around. Overall, once installed, it works great. The truck runs perfectly and no more trouble codes. The customer service is very knowledgeable. They actually returned my calls and emails and helped with various install questions.

  25. Makana

    I bought this for my 2008 Tundra 5.7 after I got a P2440 code and the truck went into limp mode. The block-off plates were the hardest part of the installation, but it wasn’t too bad. Once installed it worked perfectly. No check engine light and no limp mode. This product is definitely worth the price.

  26. Sean Dixon

    I bought the kit for my 2008, Tundra, 5.7L after I got the dreaded P2442 code and the truck went into limp mode. I paid for 2-day freight but it arrived the next day anyway. Installation of the block-off plates is tricky. Do yourself a favor. Jack up the front end and remove the wheels. You will never be able to do it from the top. It may work this way for the smaller engine options but the 5.7 is really shoehorned in there. My flanges were very tight and required loosening the bolts on the other end of the pipes as well. The electrical part of the install is simply plug-n-play. All that being said, the kit worked perfectly and the truck is running well as new with no CEL. Very thankful to have come across Hewitt. Saved me thousands of dollars. I will definitely come back to them in the future if the need arises.

  27. Ken

    Amazing product and customer service! This is exactly what I need to avoid giving the dealership $3200 to “fix” Toyota’s design flaw. Thank you!

  28. Brad

    Bought this to fix my 08 tundra that had the p2440 code. Install wasn’t terribly difficult and it completely resolved the problem. Saved me thousands of dollars from having to get it fixed at the dealership. Great product. Couldn’t be happier.

  29. Daniel

    This is now the third kit I’ve purchased for my beloved “Yota’s”. 2 4runners and now my Tundra. Awesome product.

  30. Chris

    I bought this bypass kit due to having the dreaded P2441 error code on my 2008 Tundra 5.7L. I was looking for options as I did not want to pay the $2500 for a mechanic to fix it. Installed the kit in about an hour. The directions are easy to follow. The block-off plates can be a little tricky to install but customer service gave me some advice on installation. The initial bypass kit I received and installed had a firmware/software issue that caused the error code to come back and the CEL to come on. I contacted customer service and they sent me a replacement that has been working flawlessly for the past 6 months.

  31. Dave Tyson

    Had a p0418 code, Toyota dealer quoted $2300 to repair. Ordered the kit after talking to a very knowledgeable lady on the phone. The kit came quickly, had my mechanic install it for me, charged me 1 hour. No more cel. My 2012 Sequoia 4.6 runs great, no more codes. Thanks, Hewitt.

  32. Bob W

    I own a 2012 Toyota Tacoma 4.0L V-6, I purchased it at Carmax in March of 2015 with w/24,500 miles on it. The other day the check engine light & Trac light showed up out of nowhere, after taking it to Carmax and being told I had to take it to Toyota (my warranty is good there also). I took it to Toyota and they pretty much told me to go fly a kite because of the very nice Volant Cold Air Filter System I installed on it, the Service Adviser told them to fix it because the Volant System did not cause the failure, but his idiot manager would not fix it. So after telling Toyota to (@#%&(*&%@#^^&&&***), I did find out that ALL TOYOTA OWNERS HAVE A RETROACTIVE 10-YEAR, 150,000 MILE WARRANTY (that came straight from Toyota HQ the USA). I came across the video for the Hewitt-Tech Inc. SAIS by-pass system it was like the good Lord was shining on me. I called and spoke to a very nice woman and ordered the kit for my Tacoma, after receiving the kit, I called Paul Hewitt and I asked him a question which he kindly answered and I could not thank him enough for making this system. It would have taken about 30min. but the connection on the ECT and the rear valve on the secondary system is kind of hard to get to so it took about an hour and a half. But I no longer have to drive around with my Code Scanner plugged in to clear the codes because I don’t get them anymore. Paul is the best, I just can’t believe it that I came across his system after many hours of googling and reading the horror stories, to every Toyota owner getting the codes that show up, don’t even bother with Toyota, because the new replacement part can fail also, just buy this by-pass system and your headaches will be gone. THE TRUCK RUNS GREAT, THANKS AGAIN PAUL. Bob W.

  33. Robert

    I installed this on a 2012 Tunda 4.6L. Install took an hour, very well made, only a Tundra technician could tell it was there. Worked perfectly

  34. Tyson

    Installed the bypass quit last week – didn’t take any longer than advertised or expected, and no Engine Light since! Great product, very happy customer!

  35. Zyrone Lugo

    Works like promised. I first installed it incorrectly, called custumer service and they knew exactly what i had done wrong. Walked me thru it and problem fixed! Took me around 1 hr 45 min w the removal and install of bubus lol

  36. Joe

    A local Toyota dealership tried several times to fix this secondary air injection valve issue while it was under warranty but the problem kept reoccurring. The secondary air injection valves and pumps were supposedly replaced three times but I continued to have all the associated flashing dash lights and codes. They ultimately told me they could not figure out why this was happening. They offered to replace a few electrical components that would not be covered by warranty and said this may or may not fix the problem. So, I said no thanks! I eventually stumbled upon this bypass kit for my tundra, and it was hands down the BEST money I’ve ever spent on this truck! Extremely fast shipping! Easy to install, and works as advertised! Thank you guys so much!!!!

  37. David

    I ordered this unit for my 2012 Tacoma 4.0L. I called and spoke to customer service to determine the exact kit that I would need and placed my order over the phone. She was very knowledgable and helpful. Everything arrived on time as promised. Installation was a bit of a chore because of the location one of the connections. It’s behind the engine, against the firewall. Like another reviewer mentioned, the space to attach the block-off plates is really tight, but there are a few other connections that can be loosened in order to gain better access. In short, no codes after installation. This is a much better option than the $1200 – $2000 fix from the dealer.

  38. Shane

    Ordered the plug and play bypass kit for my 2008 Toyota Tundra 5.7, very easy to install. Great instructions, easy to follow. Great customer service, fast delivery! In total it only took me 30 minutes to install the bypass kit! Very happy with the results and definitely beats the $4230 the dealership wanted for parts and labor

  39. Ryan

    Ordered for my 2012 Tundra 4.0L V6 but what I received first did not fit my truck. I was dreading having to go back to the dealership and pay ~$3k to fix this problem. I took a couple of pictures and contacted customer service and was then express mailed a new harness to fit my truck! After I plugged those in and set up the starter relay I found out my block off plates were too small.A quick email later I had the larger block off plates priority mailed to me.I have now installed everything and the CEL has not returned. This coming from a guy who has spent zero time under the hood of a vehicle before this! I just want to thank everyone who helped me and genuinely cared about me being able to fix my truck.Truly a lifesaver!Your Truck had a different setup than we have seen on those in the past. I am glad we were able to get it taken care of for you. Paul

  40. Tim

    I installed on my 2012 Tacoma Sport 4.0 and it solved the $3000 that haunts these trucks. Easy install in about an hour or so and great service. I sent them some pics that will hopefully help others with the install. I highly recommend.

  41. Adam

    i installed this product on my 2012 Tacoma 4.0 and it worked flawlessly! The instructions were spot on and I loved the customer service that comes with this company. I would not hesitate to order through this company again. The install took a bit longer for me, almost 2 hours, because I have large hands and had to remove some extra parts to loosen bolts for the block off plates. So far no CEL and no limp mode for my truck!

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