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The Secondary Air Injection System (SIAIS) is an emissions control system that is similar in operation to older smog pump systems. The SAIS is considered a secondary system because it is used to support the catalytic converters, a primary emissions system. It is an EPA mandated system and Toyota started equipping their vehicles with the system starting with the 2005 model year. Unlike older smog pump systems, the SAIS does not operate continuously and generally only operates for a short time during a cold soak warmup. This is the initial run cycle after the engine has been off for at least 7 hrs. The goal of the SAIS is to help get the catalytic converters reach operating temperature faster making them more efficient faster. This is done by leaning out the rich warmup exhaust and getting extra oxygen to the catalyst beds. There are various system configurations and components by year, vehicle and engine with the design slowly improving. On the Flex Fuel and all 2014 and newer model years this also includes the system operating momentarily at shutdown to eliminate water condensation from the system.

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