Kit Addons

As the product listings detail, Hewitt Tech Bypass Kits will only cover select SAIS error codes. That said, Kit Addons will be required to address error codes which are not covered by the Bypass Kits. You may be asking yourself, “Do I need a Kit Addon”?

The answer to this question depends on two factors. First, what are the error codes the vehicle is tripping. These specific four-digit codes will indicate which type of fault is occurring; Mechanical, Electrical or Pressure Sensor.

Second, which bypass kit do you have or will be purchasing. This is where understanding the difference between Gen 1 and Gen 2 Bypass Kits is important. They operate differently and as a result will address different subsets of SAIS error codes.

The Gen 1 Bypass Kits were designed to address Mechanical SAIS faults. With Gen 1 kit installed the factory Air Injection Control Driver(s) are still actively monitoring many of the secondary air injection circuits. Because of this, the Gen 1 kits require these circuits to still be in good working condition or Kit Addons to take care of any of the Electrical type fault codes. These codes are usually caused by an open or short circuit in one of the Air Switching Valves or Air Pumps.

The Gen 2 Bypass Kit are more comprehensive and engineered to address both Mechanical and Electrical type error codes. This reduces the need for Kit Addons because it replaces the factory Air Injection Control Driver(s). It directly interfaces with the Engine Control Module (ECM) and no longer reports to the ECM there is a problem in those circuits. The only potential Kit Addon for the Gen 2 Bypass Kit is to address Pressure Sensor type fault codes.

Regardless of the bypass kit installed the ECM still requires functioning Pressure Sensor signals. Gen 1 and Gen 2 Bypass Kits require Kit Addons to address Pressure Sensor error codes. Please use Search By Vehicle function at the top of the page to find compatible Kit Addons for Truck or SUV. Contact us with any application questions.

Please note that Hewitt Tech Kit Addons are not stand alone solutions and must be used in combination with Bypass Kits.

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