Scan Tools

A selection of very useful OBDII scan tools. From the generic i800 to the CR Pro these tools offer a range of functionality at a fraction of the cost of most other scanners of this quality.

For just reading generic codes on any vehicles the i800 is a good low cost option.

For most Toyota Owners the i905 is going to have you covered with being able to read all the factory codes and computers.

The JP V2.0 and CR Pro offer the most functionality support and cover more than just the Toyota and Lexus Brand. These two tools have the most advanced features but are still not a full factory grade tool that supports full bi-directional control and tests. For the money though, these will do almost anything your typical DIY or semi-professional repair tech would need.

Verify tool functionality before purchasing. These tools are with no warranties or garuantees of functionality or vehicle compatability. We do not accept returns and no refunds will be issued for these tools. Because of the actions of some buyers there are no exceptions to this policy as we are not a tool rental service or used tool retailer. This policy is also in our policies page that must be accepted as read before being able to purchase through our site.

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