Gen 1: Valve Solenoid Pack


The Valve Solenoid Pack address Secondary Air Injection System electrical error codes P0412 or P0415. No need to repair or replace an expensive air switching valve. This a plug and play product only compatible with Gen 1 Bypass Kit.

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The Valve Solenoid Pack is the quick and easy way to get around a P0412 or P0415 code when installed with a V36H and V54H SAIS Bypass Kit. This addon will plug inline with the air switching valves or air injection control driver (depending on the vehicle) to replace the solenoid portion of the valve so the air injection control drivers see it instead of the bad solenoid.On the 4.7L engines that have a solenoid air switching valve underneath the intake manifold and are getting the P0412 code, the part will install at the air injection control driver instead of at the air switching valve.For all other vehicles that have a solenoid air switching valve accessable from the top of the engine compartment and are getting P0412 or P0415, the part will install by connecting it to the appropriate air switching valve.

Additional information

Weight .33 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 1.5 in


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