Gen 2

The Gen 2 is Hewitt Technologies most comprehensive Bypass and the best solution to address or prevent Secondary Air Injection System (SAIS) failures. Unlike the Gen 1 Bypass Kits which only manipulates the operation of the SAIS, the Gen 2 Bypass Kit fully emulates it. Gen 2 advantages include; covers both Mechanical & Electrical SAIS fault codes, limits the potential need for Kit Add-Ons in the future, compatible with Flex Fuel models and most recent EMC flashes. Lastly, since the Gen 2 is emulating the SAIS system this means monitors will show as ready and complete.

There are two variations of the Gen 2 Bypass Kits. Please use Search By Vehicle function to find which variation is compatible with your Truck or SUV.

Gen 2 (Plug & Play)

Compatibility: Most Toyota and Lexus vehicles model years ’07 – Current

The Plug & Play version of the Gen 2 Bypass Kit offers a complete Plug & Play installation with connectors compatible with the vehicle’s factory components. The Bypass harness connects to the Air Injection Drivers (AID) and Air Switching Valves as well as the factory harness. The Gen 2 (Plug & Play) Bypass is Hewitt Technologies most recommended solution because of its ease of installation and offers the most comprehensive SAIS code coverage.

Gen 2 (3 Valve)

Compatibility: Select Toyota and Lexus vehicles model years ’05 – ’09

The 3 Valve version of the Gen 2 Bypass kit is for specific vehicles with 4.7L engines. On these vehicles the entire SIAS is located underneath the manifold. The 3 Valve kit will provide the same code coverage as the Plug & Play version. However, installation of the Gen 2 (3 Valve) Bypass is Plug & Play as well as Wired. The Plug & Play portion of the harness connects to the AID and Vacuum Switching Valve (VSV) factory harness. The Wired portion is ran through the fire wall and tapped into the factory harness at the ECM. If you are not comfortable with soldering or tapping into the factory harness at the ECM, we recommend professional installation.

Click Product Listing for more additional information about typical error codes addressed by the Gen 2 Bypass Kit.


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